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What the heck is Olaplex?

Every season there is one product that is all the rage, the talk of the town, the I-gotta-get-my-well-manicured-hands-on-some-of-that product. Well, this season, welcome Olaplex. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, what is this stuff?

Welp, in technical terms, it is a bond multiplier. It rebuilds broken bonds. What this means for you as the client-especially if you are a blonde hair client with bleach and highlift blonde highlights is when you have your stylist add this product to your color service you will incur less damage, less dryness, less breakage, and less frizz. It improves the integrity of the hair and prevents damage. It is a welcome addition to regular hair color services as well. Ask your stylist about it. If you’re working with us here at Sur Mer, odds are we are already chatting with you about it.
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